What does “The current job workspace is out of the set software limits” error window mean?

What does “The current job workspace is out of the set software limits” error window mean?


This error happens when your design is larger than the allowable work area on the CNC machine.  Every machine has its own specific software profile that you install with UCCNC.  This software profile tells UCCNC what the available work area size is on your machine.  The main reason for this is to protect your machine from crashing into itself if you run a job that is larger than the machine’s capabilities. Think of the “software limits” as invisible limit switches. When you load a job into UCCNC, it looks at the G-Code automatically and compares the XYZ dimensions of your file against the software profile to make sure that the job can fit on your machine.  If the settings in your file are larger than the work area, then you will get this error window.

Sometimes, if your job is NOT larger than the work area size for your machine and you get this error, you can reposition your work piece so when you zero X and Y that you fall within the work area.  For example.  Say your machine has a work area limits that are set to 420 mm on Y and 300 mm on X and you are trying to run a job that is 380 mm long x 280 mm wide.  This job should work with no problem, however if you have the work piece positioned more than 20mm from the left side of the machines work area limit or 40 mm away from the front of the machine, and you have zeroed UCCNC in that position,  then you will get this error when you start the job because it adds the job size to the position where you have X and Y zeroed and if that number is greater than 420 on Y or 300 on X it triggers the error.

It is important to take into account your “safe Z height” when encountering this error. If your safe Z height causes the Z-Axis to travel past the limits of the machine you will get this error. This is very common when working with thicker materials or long end mills. You can adjust your safe Z height in two places…

1.) In your CAD/CAM program. If you are using Vectric it will be under “Material Setup”.

2.) In UCCNC –> CONFIGURATION –> GENERAL SETTINGS. About half way down on the right side you have your “Safe Z height (Units). You can lower this number for more room.

The two values do stack, so if you are still having trouble try lowering both.

Another common cause for the error is to verify where your XY Datum is located in your design file.  Many times a job might have been set with a XY datum of the lower left corner but the operator sets the machine up as if the XY Datum is in the center.  This will, in most cases, cause the error because that zero position added to the jobs work size will exceed the software limits of the profile in UCCNC.

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