What is the difference between the M.1000 and the M.1000T profiles for UCCNC?

After the initial launch of the M-Series line of CNC machines, a change was made in our driver system causing us to need two versions of the profile for the M.1000 machine.

How do I know which one I need? If you purchased your machine BEFORE April 2022, then you need the M.1000 profile. If you purchased AFTER April 2022, then you need the M.1000T profile.

How do I get the profile? Please contact our support department at support@stepcraft.us and we can assist you to ensure you have the correct profile.

What is the difference between the two profiles? The main difference is in the assignment of steps-per-inch (or steps-per-mm) for the newer driver cards. This profile ensures that UCCNC is configured properly for your driver card.

Are there any issues with the pre-2022 machines or drivers? NO. There are no performance, reliability, or accuracy issues with the original drivers. It is merely a software configuration change that we had to make.

Categories: Software Troubleshooting, UCCNC

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