What happens if something breaks on my STEPCRAFT CNC? How do I get it fixed?

Fortunately there are not a lot of things that will break on the STEPCRAFT CNC, however from time to time, depending on how well you maintain the machine, you might have a part or two wear out and need to be replaced.  When this happens, simply call or email our support department and they will take care of sending you a replacement part right away.  There is a full two year warranty for all STEPCRAFT machines.  If you need assistance replacing the part, STEPCRAFT’s support department can walk you through it on the phone, send you a how-to video or arrange a video conference call to help you though the process.

In extreme cases, where a customer has a machine that has not been assembled properly and needs support’s direct assistance, you can send it back to STEPCRAFT and the support team will fix/adjust, test, repackage and send back to you.  This is a very rare scenario as 99% of the problems can be resolved quickly over the phone.

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