How do I setup and install the Tool Length Sensor on my STEPCRAFT CNC?

How do I setup and install the Tool Length Sensor on my STEPCRAFT CNC?

The Tool Length sensor is a great addition to your Stepcraft 2 machine, saving time in zeroing the Z axis. There are two ways to connect your Tool Length Sensor to your machine.

1. Using the Quick Connect 3.5mm Jack:
Your Tool Length Sensor comes with a 3.5mm male headphone jack. Most are already installed, but if you find your jack is not installed, refer to the soldering instructions included with the sensor. Simply plug the male jack into the female jack on the back of the main board. To check to make sure your sensor is functioning, under the UCCNC Diagnostics page, your “Probe” indicator should light up green when you press the Tool Length Sensor button and go away when disengaged. Its important to make sure the jumper in front of the wire TLS connector is present and connected on both of the pins.

2. Wiring Directly to the Main Board:
If you do not have a 3.5mm male or female jack (not included on older versions of the main board), you can wire your Tool Length Sensor directly to the main board. Strip the two wires at the end of the sensor (brown and white are the two most common) and install directly to the board terminals. The correct terminals are listed on the board itself and in your machine manual. Unplug or position it only on 1 pin the jumper to enable the internal Tool Length Sensor terminals.

Using the sensor:
After homing your machine setup your machine with some test material and place the sensor on top. Move the axis over the sensor and zero all. Now press the tool probe button from the main screen. The Z axis will lower slowly until it contacts the sensor. It will then retract and calculate the Z zero taking into account the height of the sensor. Move the sensor out of the way and you can now click Go to Zero. The Z axis will lower to the calculated height for the work material.

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