What clamping system comes with the Stepcraft CNC system?

What clamping system comes with the Stepcraft CNC system?

The Stepcraft CNC machines come with a White Formica hardboard table and a pair of cross clamps that fit into integrated slots in the inner frame of the machine.  These cross clamps have bolts in them which will allow you to secure material up to about  1/2″ in thickness.  Another alternative for fastening material is to use double sided tape and stick it to the white top.  This will securely hold the material in place while you cut it.  Another common practice is to cut a piece of 3/4″ MDF to the size of the word table and secure that to the white surface using double sided tape.  This will also act as a waste board and it will allow you to screw material into the board to secure it.

Stepcraft also sells a T-slot table option for all of their machines except the 210.  This will allow you to clamp the material using either Stepcraft Clamps or a variety of aftermarket T-slot clamps.

In most cases you will need some sort of waste board under your work material to prevent you from damaging the white table or T-slot table.


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