Can you send me the Vectric software while I am waiting for my machine to arrive so I can start to learn it?

If you wish to learn the Vectric software while you are waiting for your STEPCRAFT CNC to arrive, your best bet is to download a FREE full working trial copy of the software from Vectric’s website.

The trial versions will not allow you to save a toolpath for your CNC other than the special sample files that are included. However any files that are created and saved with the trial versions of Cut2D, VCarve Pro, Aspire or Cut3D can be opened and made fully operational once you purchase and install the full version of the software as long as it is installed on the same PC as the trial version software.

Important: Please note that the Trial version of the software cannot be ‘Activated’ with the license key you receive when you purchase a copy. The trial versions of the software are for testing and evaluation only. It is not possible to license them to become full versions. You will however be supplied with a CD with your order which you can install and overwrite the trial copy.

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