Spindles and Routers

Spindles and Routers

On average you will see 125-150 hours of use on your MM-1000 DI spindle before you start to see signs that it is time to change them.

These signs can include:

sign 1
sign 2

You can order a replacement set from our website HERE.

How do I tram my Stepcraft CNC system?

The process of tramming your CNC system is an easy, but critical step to getting the most accurate results. By tramming your Z axis, you are insuring that the spindle will not be tilted to one side or the other, creating an unwanted angle to any milled areas. Included below is a short PDF covering the basic procedure of tramming your Stepcraft CNC system. The same concept can be done using a dial indicator or machinist’s square for even greater accuracy.

Tramming your Stepcraft CNC system

How do I connect my Remote Switchable Power Controller?

To connect your remote switchable power controller system, follow the diagram below…

If you have your feeds and speeds correct, then the HF-500 should run for a very long time without overheating.  There is an internal air cooling system build into the unit that will keep it running at optimal temperatures. But If you over stress the spindle, you can cause it to run hotter.  The key is to ensure that you are not moving the bit through the material too fast and that you are not forcing the bit/spindle to remove too much material per pass. If the spindle is too hot to touch, then you are doing something wrong with your feed rate or depth per pass. You should always be able to touch the spindle and it should feel warm.  If you can’t keep your hand on it for more than 15 seconds, then you need to look at your setup to ensure that you do not cause damage to the spindle.