Common Pre-Purchase Questions

Common Pre-Purchase Questions

If I order a STEPCRAFT CNC Ready To Run with a 4th Axis System, will the 4th Axis be ready to use when I receive it?

The 4th Axis unit requires a board that must be plugged into the main circuit board on the STEPCRAFT.  This board will be installed on Ready To Run machines.  The only thing you will need to do is to mount the 4th Axis unit and Tail Stock on the T-Slot table and plug the serial cable from the 4th Axis unit into the board.

Note: it is recommended to maximum flexibility for stock size and ease of use that you purchase a T-Slot table for your STEPCRAFT CNC. 

Are all of the machines capable of using the spindle, laser and 4th axis?

Yes, you can use all of these attachments on each of the machines.  However the small size of the STEPCRAFT-1/210 might make it tough to use the 4th axis with longer work pieces. Additionally, the 210 has a limited 3″ Z height, which does not leave a lot of vertical travel and will limit the diameter of material that you can use on the machine.   Additionally you really need a T-slot when using the 4th Axis so you can adjust the tail stock for the length of the work material and the 210 is the only machine that does not have a T-Slot option.