Fusion 360

Software Troubleshooting

The most common cause for UCCNC running sluggish or slow, to the point where it is almost unusable, is because Windows had recently automatically installed an update in the background.  This is most common when using Windows 10.  CNC Drive, the makers of UCCNC software are very good with addressing these issues, however sometimes they have to wait until they even know there is an issue, which is usually when users notice the problem and contact CNCDrive or post online.  If this happens to you before a UCCCNC update is available, then the fix is to uninstall the most recent Windows update (or updates).  The following video shows you how to do this.


If this video still does not correct the problem, please email our support department at support@stepcraft.us



What post processor do I use for Vectric programs (VCarve, Cut 2d, Cut 3D, PhotoVCarve)?


From the dropdown list in Vectric programs, you will look for the following

If you have an Automatic Tool Changer: Stepcraft UCCNC ATC Arcs (mm) (*.txt)

If you do not have an Automatic Tool Changer: Stepcraft UCCNC Arcs (mm) (*.txt)

If you have an older version of Vectric software and the STEPCRAFT post processors are NOT in the dropdown list, please use the following:


If you have an Automatic Tool Changer: Mach2/3 ATC Arcs (mm) (*.txt)

If you do not have an Automatic Tool Changer: Mach2/3 Arcs (mm) (*.txt)

Sometimes when you start UCCNC you will get the “Select the motion controller device from the list” message box that pops up. This is either happening because your UC100 interface or USB cable is unplugged or the device driver did not properly install. This video will show you how to fix this.



If you are still have trouble after watching this video, please contact our support team at support@stepcraft.us.


On rare occasions when you click the UCCNC installer, it will seem like it is going to run but then nothing happens.  In order for UCCNC to properly install, it requires the .Net 2.0 framework and some Windows 10 machines, it is turned off by default.  You can turn this on easily by following this video.


If after watching this video, you are still having problems, please email our support team at support@stepcraft.us

Can I use Fusion 360 from Autodesk with my STEPCRAFT CNC?

Yes, you can use Fusion 360 with STEPCRAFT.  There is a post processor that you can download for the CAM portion of Fusion 360 by going to http://cam.autodesk.com/posts/.  STEPCRAFT (www.stepcraft.us) includes a free one year subscription to Fusion 360 when you purchase a CNC system.

Fusion 360 is a very powerful program that can greatly expand the capabilities of what you can do with a STEPCRAFT (or any CNC for that matter).



Can I use a Mac with a STEPCRAFT CNC?

Yes! While the UCCNC and Vectric Software both run on Windows platforms, you can use a MAC as long as you run Parallels software which allows you to install Windows on your Mac.  You can not run UCCNC or Vectric natively on a Mac (without Parallels).  If you use Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM, then you can install that natively as they have a Mac version of that software.  However, UCCNC will still need Parallels with Windows.

NOTE: Since a Mac computer is typically much more expensive than a Windows system, and the fact that UCCNC does not need a powerful computer, we recommend using your Mac for the design work and then getting an inexpensive or refurbished computer (desktop or laptop) to use to run the CNC, since the area around the CNC can potentially have dust and chips that might get on or near the computer.